We were born to oer creative integrated 360° solutions for customer’s needs in logistics, maritime services and foreign trade.

We fully cover customer’s needs

in air freight, ocean freight, road cargo service, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution.

Our mission

is to provide current and future clients, from small to large size businesses, a solution for every kind of logistic need. Our motto is: high eciency + low costs = high standard of services.

Our Attributes

FORWARDING 3.0icon_1

Connectivity and the use of digital tools allow us to establish permanent contact with our customers so they are always notied.

7/365 INNOVATION icon_2

We have a department developing internal procedures to ensure the highest standards
quality of service.


Our strategic alliances with dierent lines, allow us to oer dierential rates and benets.


Do not just think about logistics, our CSR division develops dierent actions with a single goal : to provide our bit for the good of all.

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